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#1 LiveGood2day Team Independent Distributor ​Website

Our Blog

An ongoing series of informational entries

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 15, 2022

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Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2022

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Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2022

Hello again everyone and welcome to our LiveGood2day team. Please pass this on to your downlines so that they can stay informed.


First, I want to welcome all the new members who enrolled this month. Our team is growing and spillover is being generated as a result.

Some of you may have spillover so make sure you check your back office genealogy. We are very early in this program and with the economic uncertainty there are more people calling about our full page ads. A recession is being predicted in the very near future so timing couldn't be any better.


Our full page ad in Home Business Advertiser can be viewed at


Remember, when a person upgrades to the yearly package to save money they go into our team rotator red sign up buttons on our team website at If you have personal enrollments who upgraded to the yearly membership and are not in the rotator I need to know so that they get placed into the rotator for 90 days worth of free advertising. They can check their stats at this link to verify their placement by clicking on the Live Good rotator


Our team is growing steady and is at 108 members now! Make sure you invite your prospects to our team website to help you get them upgraded into joining you.


Our FaceBook group is now at 900 team members and growing by around 150 members each week. These are mostly people in LiveGood looking for help because their leaders do not have a clue on how to help them. In time, many will drop out and I expect some will migrate over to our team :-).


Our team advertising co-op will begin very soon and I'll be upgrading our team website to reflect this. It will be optional to participate in and likely $25 a share. You will be able to purchase up to 4 shares and can divide them up to give to others or take all 4 for yourself and have your rotator ratio set to a 4:1. This means you get 4x the traffic to your affiliate link. Giving away shares makes a great incentive for someone to join you as an offer to take action.


I'm going to try a Zoom call next week to see what the interest may be. It will likely be around 9:00 pm Eastern Time Zone on Wednesday. This will give me enough time to practice using it so watch for an update from me.


In closing, I truly like the LiveGood concept of a 9.95 monthly membership, the 2x15 forced matrix, and the price points and quality of the products. Don't get caught up in the power line concept because it's purely advertising to get a person to take a look. We have to create our own individual spillover through teamwork, leveraging, duplication, and reward the willing for their efforts.


Be blessed by helping others,


Our Blog

How to build your LiveGood downline on FaceBook 

Lead like a LiveGood Shepard

May 2, 2023

Join our FaceBook team at 

Lead like a LiveGood Shepard.

Growing up on the farm every spring we would walk our herd of sheep from our main farm five miles down the road to another pasture. If you ever tried to herd sheep into a corral you will soon realize that it’s impossible to do. The young sheep are easily frightened and will bolt from the herd to escape and most of the remaining sheep will follow them except for the mature ewes. The mature tamed ewes will remain and nibble on the corn you threw down by your feet or eat from the hands of the person leading them. As you start to lead the few remaining ewes down the road the herd left behind will start running back to them and soon the entire flock is following.

The reason why 97% fail in network marketing is because they are taught the mindset to drive as many people as possible to their affiliate link. Like sheep that can’t be forced into a herd, your prospects can’t be forced into joining your opportunity. Instead, focus on how you can help them succeed through teamwork, leveraging, duplication, and rewarding the willing. If you do this then your prospect list will grow and the size of your herd will increase filling your LiveGood forced matrix.

So this is how you accomplish this in LiveGood2day using our Cracking The Rich Code Lead Generation System on FaceBook.

  1. Like every Featured post..
  2.  Join every mlm and work from home group on FB.
  3. Invite others to the group often.
  4. Welcome those who join daily.
  5. Comment on every Featured post above with a minimum of 10 words.
  6. Share every Featured post above with your affiliate link.
  7. Post your LiveGood affiliate link daily.
  8. Duplicate this and teach others to do the same.

Be blessed by helping others from showing them the way,

Mark Recker

Proverbs 28:25. 25 The greedy stir up conflict, but those who trust in the LORD will prosper.

Graduating From LiveGood2day bootcamp.

May 3, 2023

Join our FaceBook team at 

Today’s Post…

Graduating From LiveGood2day Boot Camp

Network Marketing success requires an army of leaders with one common goal of winning. The leaders primary objective is to train their recruits on how to use teamwork, leveraging, and duplication to reward the willing. A prominent two million dollar a year network marketing earner was once asked what was the major factor for his success. His answer was quite simple, teaching others to duplicate a system. Many people are joining our team daily to hopefully learn something that they can use to grow their downlines. My goal as a leader is to help you achieve that goal with a simple system outlined below.

In order to win your war of financial freedom you need to follow a system and teach others to use the same one. If you get others to duplicate then the battle can be won through teamwork, leveraging, duplication, and rewarding the willing. So focus on the below to start your way to achieving success in LiveGood.

Develop Leaders To Duplicate This.

Join the LiveGood opportunity here if you are not working with someone else.

  1. Like every post daily.
  2. Invite others to the group daily.
  3. Comment on every post with a minimum of 10 words.
  4. Welcome everyone to the group.
  5. Share these post and include your affiliate link.
  6. Post your LiveGood affiliate link daily.
  7. Duplicate this consistently to grow your downline.

We Reward The Willing by placing your affiliate link in our team rotator link All you have to do is duplicate this every week to remain in our team rotator to help you get traffic and potential enrollment.

Once you are added to our rotator you can access you're rotator traffic here.

Be blessed by helping others,

Mark Recker

Proverbs 28:25. 25 The greedy stir up conflict, but those who trust in the LORD will prosper.

May4th weekly update

May 4th, 2023

Hello LiveGood2day friends and family, please share this with your downlines.


LiveGood continues to amaze me with their astronomical growth due to their marketing strategy of being membership driven with high quality and very affordable pricing. They have the first movers advantage that will be hard to dethrone so taking advantage of this is in your best interest.


Our FaceBook group continues to grow and we are now at 656 members! The majority of these people are looking for help in building because they are not getting the help they need. It's important to participate in this as a team because it will grow our team faster and others will be able to find us. And if you participate fully, your affiliate link is added to the FB rotator. Just follow the steps outlined in the featured posts to get your spot in the rotator and to remain in the rotator.


Speaking of team rotator, we had another member receive an enrollment on our team website at Everyone who upgrades to the yearly membership is added to the team rotator for 90 days. To be honest, I have not removed anyone from it after the 90 days expired :-).


I added a blog page on our team website too. Please visit it often to check on new entries. I take my FB posts and put them up on our team website blog too.


Team advertising co-op is still on hold until further notice. I'm looking for the best methods to use and am not convinced on Home Business Advertiser or Shore to Shore. Maybe if the economy goes into a recession then it may become practical. I'm going to try some FB ads and see if it is beneficial before implementing any advertising co-op.


Our 2x15 matrix now has 101 members in it and continues to grow. Just so you know, the first person who joined me is a Pastor from India who is barely getting by supporting his orphanage and family. Since January he has earned $30 through spillover without making a purchase and enrolling one customer. This is what keeps me in the game here knowing that it is possible to earn money without recruiting someone. Your efforts have made it possible for these orphans to see a future and I'm very proud of this team! Hopefully, this will become a monthly income and gradually grow over time. They are praying for us everyday so that our group will continue to grow monthly, and we are.


In closing, I'm very grateful for this team and many of you are using these awesome affordable products that are changing one life at a time.


Factor 4 and the coffee are my favorites and Factor 4 is a baby boomers delight for inflammation which sells itself once a person tries it. I think everyone should be using this product and many are because they are sold out and it will be 4 weeks before they are stocked again!


And remember, the quarters are starting to add up for many of you too. And don't forget the matching bonuses which will be huge.