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#1 ADN Top Team ‚Äč

The key to success is Patience and Endurance.

Hello Friends,

What a fantastic month so far!  100% growth over last month.  

 Join me here

Today's Topic is:  What is the most important asset needed for success?  The answer is simple but often the most difficult to practice, patience.  Looking back on my own experiences, I found that patience in never giving up, is the main ingredient for my success and it will be for yours too in ADN.  A survey was taken some time back that asked the most successful people what they credited their success to and their answer was, they never gave up.  The longer you stay involved with something, the higher your chances for success.  Combine that with teamwork, leveraging, and duplication and you will succeed. 


Our full page ad in Home Business Advertiser will come out on May 15th and we will be running this ad indefinitely.  You can view this ad on our team website  

The ADN marketing system free bottle offer is the best way to build this business.  It creates interest and gets a person looking around at all the other products which ads value.

I've been informed that a couple of Spanish Leaders are in and things are moving on many fronts.  ADN is now shipping to Canada too.

Our Golden Chain Power Line has doubled this month so make sure you let others see your downline proof by providing a screenshot starting with your position on down along with your free bottle offer.  Remember, this is all about helping others get from point A to point B so consider an "Offer To Take Action". Think rebate here ;-).  Hopefully, they'll figure it out and duplicate :-).

You can also share the Golden Chain Rotator System link with your prospects so they understand that when they use the AR System (highly encouraged) that their free bottle biz url will go into it to help them get traffic and potential sign ups.  

Our Golden Chain has now reached 110 with a couple of John Doe's   :-).  I grabbed some open positions that were vacated and filled one of them with a new team member from the old company that we were with :-(.  Prayers to our friend, John's family)

What to expect next month:  With ADN now slowly going International, you are in the right place at the right team.  Keep promoting the AR System and Leverage it.  Develop leaders and teach them to duplicate our system.  Our Golden Chain will increase in size and likely double which is normal starting out.  By the end of the year we could have thousands in our Golden Chain and you only have to enroll 2 people to get paid from all those under you!

Blessings,Mark Recker 260-804-4084

When one opportunity door closes another opportunity door opens!

An ongoing series of informational entries by #1 ADN Top Team

Success comes from the top down.

Our Latest Blog Entry

March 15, 2022

February 10th, 2022 was the day my opportunity door closed.  Two days earlier my friend and CEO of the company I was involved with had gone home to be with the Lord.  Over the last 8 years I had become quite attached to his kindness and love for helping others and we both shared this common bond.  It's times like this when you realize things will never be the same again.  Your mind starts to evaluate options as well as what happened to this wonder person you had know for so many years.  You start to wonder if these past 8 years or so was a waste of time but then you realize that they were the best years of your life being involved in his network marketing opportunity.  If I learned anything it was that true patience,  hard work, and helping others was the real reason why I became the #1 distributor for his company.  

My CEO friend and I held a special bond for helping others and this is what we both enjoyed doing.  Our focus was never on how much money we could make, rather is was how many people can we help.  We planned and acted together in unison to reach those objectives right up to his passing and going home to be with the Lord.  I now realize that our short time together we're stepping stones for the both of us.  For me, it was to help teach me patience, love for others, and to never give up.  For him, it was to love others and help them with products he felt would make them healthier.  Deep down, we both realized that these were the only important things that really mattered in life.

So a new door has opened with our #1 American Dream Nutrition Top Team.  My friend and mentor has left this world but is still with me in spirit as I carry the torch to my finish line.  Even though it's a new company, I know exactly what his thoughts are at this moment.  "Mark, I knew that one day you would figure it all out."


Mark Recker    

Our Second Blog Entry

March 27, 2022  Get Your Spot Now March Madness.

Get Your Spot Offer for the remainder of March and first week or two of April.

Have you ever purchased a $20 lottery ticket or scratch off only to be disappointed? Sometimes things just seem to be too good to be true. My attitude changed when my ADN up line sponsor told me about his exciting vimeo conference call the other day. He informed me that a group of leaders from South America informed him that they were going to transition maybe up to 1200 members into our Power Line!

I thought, this is too good to be true. However, with the FREE bottle offer and a small one time set up fee of only $19, maybe this is worth the venture. After all, you're receiving a free bottle of your choice :-). Sure, you still have to enroll a few people to earn your commissions and that may be holding you back because you hate talking to people.

But what if...

You sign up for a free bottle here in anticipation of this huge group coming in, in a few weeks.

You sign up for the AR Free bottle system for one month to have your free bottle url added to the rotator above. Maybe two or more months if things get delayed.

You email me your user name and I add it to the rotator above in anticipation of this all coming true.

You verify your url is working in the team rotator here.

Hopefully, you'll get a few personal's under you to get paid from the spill over this group could create for you.  In a few weeks we will all know whether or not it was. But like a lottery ticket, it may be worth the fun and excitement of thinking what if I do win! And you can always share this to your friends along with your free bottle offer url to help them as well.

And just so you know, this is all about teamwork, leveraging, and duplication.

My list of contacts is now your list of contacts too. Everyone comes in through our team rotator so get your free bottle url to me asap.