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#1 ADN Top Team ‚Äč

Getting Started In Our Golden Chain Fast Start System. 

Step 1.

Watch this video on setting up and activating your AR System.

 Step 2.

Activate your AR System in your back office.

Step 3.

Fill out the Form at the very bottom of the home page to have your free bottle landing page placed into all the RED Free Bottle Buttons.

Step 4.

Check your placement in the Golden Chain Fast Start AR System weekly

to verify that it's visible and working correctly.  Inactive AR Systems are purged weekly so if you reactivate it again you will have to fill out the form again to have your free bottle landing page re-entered.

Email scripts

Subject line: Hey __________, Get Your F.REE Power Line Spot Now? (attach a screen shot of your current power line to 

show them the proof)

All you have to do is watch this video Get Your Spot Now Team Pre-launch

and then sign up here. (place your free bottle biz url here)

The sooner you come onboard the more people you'll have under you!

If your prospects are taking the free bottle tour or if you want to use my ebooks to build your list for ADN.

  • After they have joined your free bottle biz offer send them to our team website to sign up for the FREE ebooks Cracking The Rich Code and The Change.  A follow up email campaign is then sent out to them explaining our unique system for helping others.

You can send them this email below.

Subject Header:  (Hi Name) Thanks for (taking my free bottle tour or for joining me in ADN.

Hi (name), Thanks for your interest in joining my ADN team.  I want to offer you two special ebooks from my up line sponsor Mark Recker.  I highly encourage you to read each of his chapters on how we help others make money in American Dream Nutrition.  Just fill out the short form at to gain immediate access to them.

Additional information to send out to someone after joining you.  Or you can send them to our team website here. 

Subject Header: (Their Name), here's some additional information to help you.. 

Feel free to contact me for any questions. 


LISTEN: 3 min. Hotline 800-289-5507

LEARN: ADN Business Overview





"Powerline" Placement Strategy video just released by Randy Hewitt. Visit:


Here are several links to 30 minute best recent ADN calls....

Wed training call

Thursday Business Overview call

Saturday 6 Figure Training


International Package Forwarding Service:

Prospecting email to use.

Recruit Anyone Interested In Network Marketing:

Share this email with everyone you know:

Hello (prospect),

We're Building A Golden Chain Downline, Your First Product is Fre-ee And I Place

Everyone Into My Left Leg.

Forget everything you've ever known or heard about MLM (Network Marketing)

We are disrupting the Industry with "THE TRUTH" you must hear this.

MLM companies exposed, The "TRUTH" is revealed.

Please listen to this ASAP and get back to me with any questions.

Finally, we've got this right, for everyone!

(Your name here)

(Your email here)

(Your phone number here)